Murder Mystery Party Kit New York City

Murderly Manhattan

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Ready for a night of mystery and intrigue?

You’ve been invited to a high-powered cocktail party in one of the swankiest apartments of 1950's New York City.

In this star-studded affair, powerful politicians, shady mafia bosses, famous fashion designers, and wealthy bankers have come together for a night to remember.

But the night takes a grim turn when Dallas Presley, the handsome investment banker, is pushed over the balcony to a brutal death. You must work through the murky relationships at the party to figure out who killed Dallas and why!

About Our Murderly Manhattan Kit

Includes: Full murder mystery party kit: Backstory - Character List - Character Backstory, Objectives, and Tips - Welcome Speech - Clues - Evidence Summary and Conclusion

Players: 6 to 20. No need to choose between multiple kits!

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