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Murder on Sunset Avenue

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Ever had a vacation go THIS wrong?

You're invited to the most exclusive getaway of the season at Murderly Beach. This eclectic gathering will reveal mystery, romance, and backstabbing when high-powered California businesspeople brush shoulders with pro surfers as everyone soaks up the last rays of summer sunshine.

After a day spent by the ocean, guests trickle back in to the beach house and evening sets in.

But things take a grim turn when a loud scream rings out! Billy Simmons, the handsome, world-renowned chef has been stabbed. With no eyewitnesses, the house is locked down and everyone is a suspect. This gathering is anything but an innocent affair!

About Our Murderly Murder on Sunset Ave Kit

Includes: Full murder mystery party kit: Backstory - Character List - Character Backstory, Objectives, and Tips - Welcome Speech - Clues - Evidence Summary and Conclusion

Players: 6 to 20. No need to choose between multiple kits!

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