Murder at Belfry Manor - Murderly

Murder at Belfry Manor

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Transport yourself to Belfry Manor, tucked away in the woods near the sleepy town of Grimsby.

Tonight is Halloween, and Mary Kaufman is hosting her annual Haunted House at Belfry Manor.

While guests are touring the spooky attractions, Mary is found crumpled to the floor with blood running from her mouth. There was no culprit with Mary, so every guest is a suspect. It’s all up to you to determine who killed Mary Kaufman!

About Our Murderly Murder at Belfy Manor Kit

Includes: Full murder mystery party kit: Backstory - Character List - Character Backstory, Objectives, and Tips - Welcome Speech - Clues - Evidence Summary and Conclusion

Players: 6 to 20. No need to choose between multiple kits!

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