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Murderly's Cruise Ship Killer

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Are you ready for the most harrowing cruise of your life?

You've been invited abroad a Caribbean pleasure cruise by Captain Kip Harrington, a wealthy businessman who has taken up sailing as his latest pleasurable pursuit.

Everyone is enjoying an evening fun and dancing. Certainly no one expects the stormy weather ahead, Captain Kip's murder, or to be stranded on a deserted island in the uncharted Caribbean!

When Captain Kip goes overboard, you're stranded on the ship and charged with finding out committed the murder - all while struggling for your survival!

About Our Murderly Cruise Ship Killer Kit

Includes: Full murder mystery party kit: Backstory - Character List - Character Backstory, Objectives, and Tips - Welcome Speech - Clues - Evidence Summary and Conclusion

Players: 6 to 20. No need to choose between multiple kits!

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