Murder Mystery Party FAQs

How do I host a Murderly mystery party?

  • In a word - easily! Our murder mystery kits simplify hosting. If you feel like you still need a hand after purchasing a kit, hop over to our “How to Throw a Murder Mystery Party” page.

If I’m the host, will I know who the murderer is?

  • Only if you really want to! We encourage you not to read the spoilers before hosting your Murderly mystery party, that way you can take part in figuring out the solution to the mystery.

Are Murderly mystery parties appropriate for children or “family-friendly” functions?

  • Many Murderly mysteries contain storylines related to lying, bribery, extramarital affairs, alcohol, and of course, murder. We do not recommend our mystery parties to any groups sensitive to these topics. We’ll be adding more PG-rated stories soon, so please join our subscriber list to be the first to know!

What is included in a Murderly mystery party kit?

  • Backstory - this sets the stage for the group’s gathering and the scene of the crime.
  • Character List - a brief description of each character, along with information known to each character, objectives to accomplish during the party, and info on “Playing the Part”
  • Welcome Speech - to kick things off, greet your guests, explain that something terrible has just happened, and make it clear that they’re all suspects!
  • Clues - these will be revealed and announced throughout the night as players make discoveries
  • Evidence Summary and Conclusion - recap the night by presenting what is generally known, and ask each player to vote on the who, why, and how of their murder suspect

How are Murderly mystery party kits delivered?

  • Simply enter your email address at checkout and your kit will be delivered to you within minutes of your purchase. Then, you can print out the kit and get ready for the party!

How many people do I need to host a Murderly mystery party?

  • It’s no fun when someone bails on your party and the game structure is messed up! The good news: Murderly party kits accommodate anywhere from 6 - 20 guests, which eliminates any hassle on you, the host. Just make sure you have at least 5 and no more than 19 guests planning to attend (leaving room for you to join the fun).
  • If you have fewer than 19 guests attending, make sure to eliminate characters from the Character List from bottom to top
  • If you will have more than 20 players attending your party, please see our blog post about adding “contracted investigators” into the mix.

How long do Murderly mystery parties take?

  • Our murder mystery parties usually last between two and three hours, depending on your pace of play.

What if I don't have the right number of male and female guests to fit the roles?

  • If there is a mismatch, we encourage guests to take on the challenge of playing a character of another gender!

Can I host a Murderly party over dinner?

  • Yes, absolutely! Just make sure your guests all get a chance to interact. If you have specific questions about how to host a Murderly party over dinner, please reach out directly.