How to Host Your Murderly Mystery Party

Whether you’re a seasoned murder mystery party veteran or a first-time host, Murderly mystery parties are easy to throw. Follow these simple steps to ensure your event goes smoothly:


Step 1 Invite your guests to the party and obtain an RSVP list.

Step 2 Assign each guest a character from the Kit and send each one their Character List sheet (don't read these if you don't want to know the solution to the murder!)

Step 3 Print the Welcome Speech, Evidence Summary, Conclusion, Clues, and Name Tags (included in the Kit). These are the only things you need for the party to run smoothly. Other than that, Murderly mystery parties work just as well whether you’ve spent hours decorating or simply opened the door for your guests.  

Step 4 Get into character, and solve the murder! As the host, why should you have to miss out on the fun? Kick things off by reading the Welcome Speech. Then allow guests to mingle, periodically revealing Clues, and concluding the evening with Evidence Summary, voting on the murderer, and the Conclusion.



The Chrystina Noel blog, one of our great partners, has some tips for hosting your murder mystery party:

Tips for Hosting a Murder Mystery Party

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