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About Us

If you’ve been trying to think of what kind of party to host for an upcoming holiday or event, look no further. We’ve designed an entirely unique, thrilling interactive murder mystery experience that we’re excited to share with you.

Murderly’s team is made up of veteran murder mystery players, and we’ve designed our games with YOU in mind! 

After years of playing murder mystery parties, we got fed up with the other options out there: setup was complicated, and guests gave up on the mystery since the storylines were too rigid.  

Murderly was created to bring you all the fun with none of the hassle!

We only make murder mystery games that we would want to play. Forget the corny storylines, forget the cheesy names, and most importantly - FORGET THE HASSLE! We make the party easy to host - setup is a breeze, and you won’t have to spend hours reading instructions and stuffing envelopes.

Our murder mystery games are full of shocking twists, intriguing subplots, and classic ‘whodunits. From the moment your event starts, your party room will whisk you and your guests to another world. Every person is a suspect: armed with a few key clues and your best detective skills, you’ll have to navigate through sinister webs of intrigue to find the killer.

Let's Chat

If you need some help planning your murder mystery party or just want to chat, you can email us here: harper@murderly.com.

We'd love to hear how your party went and, of course, we're always here to provide the best customer service around. Party on!